Next-Generational staking for the masses
rToken acts as a voucher token that represents your staked assets and staking rewards attached. StaFi's entire ecosystem is built surrounding rTokens enabling liquid staking to function. Stake your tokens and receive rTokens in return.
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What are rTokens?

Stake your PoS Tokens through our fully secured & decentralized ecosystem to enjoy liquid staking and trade with no unbonding periods. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too.

How It Works

Stake your supported tokens through StaFi to receive rTokens according to the on-chain rate
Your tokens will be delegated to validators according to our Delegation Algorithm.
Enjoy auto-compounding staking rewards when holding rTokens.
Use your rTokens in farming, lending protocols, liquidity pools and more to earn additional rewards on top of your staking rewards.
Redeem your rTokens or sell them on the market to receive your native tokens immediately.

rToken Features

Yield Generating
rToken holders are entitled to staking rewards from their staked assets by leveraging StaFi's permissionless liquid staking technology.
Reward Bearing
rTokens are synthetic representations of users' staked assets and attached staking rewards. Its value gradually increases over time.
rTokens are transferable and tradeable on DEXes, allowing stakers to obtain their underlying staked assets at any time.
rTokens and staking assets in StaFi’s staking contracts are fully non-custodial, trustless and community-owned.
rTokens are fully redeemable for underlying staked assets. Redemptions are subject to an unbonding period set by the original chains.
Fungible & Fractional
rTokens are divisable, and can be exchanged and held in fractional amounts, i.e. 1.25 rATOMs, 50.01 rDOTs.

Stake Your Tokens

Experience liquid staking today

Audited By

Our rToken App, Relay Bridges and Staking Contract for rTokens such as rFIS and rETH have been audited fully by PeckShield and CertiK.

Frequently Asked Questions

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