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The FIS Token is the native token of StaFi Protocol and enables the entire liquid staking ecosystem to operate smoothly. FIS Token usecase and demand are expected to increase as the entire liquid staking ecosystem grows.

Powered By The StaFi Token $FIS


StaFi operates based on a PoS Consensus requiring FIS to be staked through Validators and Delegators.

Value Capture

A Liquidity Provision Fee obtained from network provides value to all FIS holders.


FIS holders may participate in StaFi network parameters, vote for upgrades and determine our development course.


FIS is required as a transaction fee in exchange for the computing resources provided and serves as security against network abuse.

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Bridge FIS as well as all rTokens across all our support chains by using the rBridge. This enables FIS to be used in DeFi applications all across the cryptoverse. Bridge your FIS today and enjoy limitless DeFi.
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